Ally's Barn Hunt

Ally has completed her Herding Instint Test and qualified and has her Lure Coursing Title and now has moved on to learning to Barn Hunt. Barn Hunt is a up and coming sport that all dogs can participate in. The concept is to locate the rat hidden in the hay. Three containers are hidden. One is empty, one has rat litter and the other has a live rat. These containers are hidden inside the hay bales and dog nor handler know where they are. The dog has to perform 3 task. Go through a tunnel of hay, climb on top of the hay bales and find the container the rat is located in and notify the handler. The handler then calls "RAT" and the judge will qualify you if you found the right container. All of this has to be accomplished in 2 minutes from entering the enclosure. Ally had her 1st Trail at the Louisiana Barn Hunt on August 9th and 10th, 2014. Out of 4 Trails she Qualified with a time of 1:10, 58 seconds for a 2nd Place and 38 seconds for a 1st Place and High Scoring Novice Dog out of approximately 20 dogs. She also won the 1st Annual Marlee Memorial Award for fastest time in Boxers AND she obtained her RATN (Rat Novice) Title in just 1 weekend. Now on to the Open class...where she achieved her Title at the NOLA Barn Hunt. On April 25, 2015, Ally achieved her Senior Title in Barn Hunt in Cummings, Ga. to become the first Boxer with a Senior Title. Now we move on to the Masters Class.

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